Among many other things, travelers tend to expect cleanliness, complimentary shampoo, proximity to business meetings or key attractions and a great view. But, hotels have to play catch up to stay current with guest needs, with emerging technologies and evolving guest needs. The following are 6 hotel guest expectations:

1. Connectivity

This may very well be the most important factor after price and location, in a guest’s decision to book a hotel. It is found that free WiFi is one of the most essential amenities for travelers along with breakfast and parking. While some guests would be willing to pay extra for better connectivity, in exchange for complimentary WiFi, many guests would give up some amenities. WiFi is a necessity, not a privilege, for many guests. They get annoyed if they have to pay for a service which is available in a coffee shop down the street for free.

2. Good value

Hotels need to show potential guests that they will get more value for their money by staying at their properties than they would at a local’s apartment. This is because there is an entry of new players in the hospitality sector. It is time that the hotel goes above the guest expectation. As long as the guests feel what they are getting for the price is worth it, it doesn’t matter what the price is. If the millennial business travelers perceive that a slightly more expensive room offers more value than the cheaper option, they will book the expensive one.

3. Mobile check-in and check-out

The hotel industry’s use of the smartphone is not only limited to online hotel booking through mobile. It is found that many travelers want the hotel where they will stay to provide the facility for mobile check-in and mobile check-out option. The travelers, who are already tired from their journey, don’t like to wait while the group ahead of them checks-in. This tendency will increase more in the future.

4. Authentic service

Though a fundamental part of hospitality is great service, some of the services guests took for granted have been replaced by technology. A lot more self-service including mobile check-in and check-out is being driven by automation. However, the care taken by the hotel staff is preferred by many guests. It has been found that a major reason for dissatisfaction among hotel guests is poor service. Therefore, if hoteliers want repeated visits of guests, they must encourage flawless customer service. Nothing can replace the human touch, though cutting-edge technology can enhance the guest service.

5. Sustainability

In comparison to the guests of decades past, the guests of the 21st century are more environmentally conscious. A lot more Eco-friendly hotels are being chosen by travelers for accommodation. When booking hotels, many travelers consider the impact on the environment and some are even willing to pay more for Eco-friendly features. These features can be of many types. For example, lights can turn off automatically whenever a guest leaves the suite room. The hotels can also save a lot of money in this way.

6. An emotional connection

Encouraging guest engagement is one of the hotels’ best interests. The internet can be used by disengaged guests, who are less likely to return to the hotel, to show their dissatisfaction. A small percentage of millennial guests are engaged and it is not good. By encouraging the guests to provide feedback and treating them like they are unique, they can be engaged. This will also ensure a positive stay of the guests.