Hotel in Kalyani starts promotion with redefined concepts when the summer season is round the corner. The season may bring good opportunity to generate high revenue. The only thing that remains untouched is to grab perfect promotional ideas to market the amenities available with the hotel.

Summer is an ideal time for earning good buck for hotels and guest houses located in various hill stations as well as sea-sides where the heat is not felt at its fury. Schools remain closed for a considerable period in this season. It is also considered as a time for family travelling too. Hot and humid climate makes people fussy about tiniest of things. Therefore it is required that the hotels pay attention to little details that would bring up comfort for the guests arrived in or at board for a while.
There could be numerous ways for marketing a hotel during summer. Let us make brief considerations:

1. Be prepared

This is one of the vital criteria often mistaken or ignored by Hotels in Nadia. The marketer in these hotels may propose that the welcoming be made with a fresh lime juice or any cold drink. It will give the fatigued traveler a cozy feeling. For the hotels located in zones other than hill or seaside, it is imperative to keep aware about the extent that the summer manifests in the region. A proper designing of summer ready strategy is an earnest need.

2. Promotional Marketing

Promotion for the property is a solicited need as the probable guests must know the location of the hotel. During summer, guests will like to venture outside after the dusk sets in. Hotels must not forget to mention an exotic location near the hotel where the guests can make themselves refreshed in a cozy climate.

3. Customization of menus

Preference for food changes with season. Making proper adjustments in the menus in accordance with the changing needs is crucial for all Hotels near Krishnanagar . People are more keen to choose foods which are light on tummy and refreshing at the same time. These foods include fresh fruits, juices made from various fruits and other contents, soups and salads. The hotels must make suitable amendments in their menu list to adapt to the change of season.

4. Inclusion of summer friendly games and activities

Heat and swelling are integral parts of summer season. People also like to stay outdoors more in this season. The hotels also stress in designing outdoor activities for their guests during the season. But while designing outdoor activities, the organization must have to be careful that the guests are not too much exposed to the harmful sun-ray. Thus all the activities are normally arranged during early mornings and late evenings. Activities like hiking, trekking and picnics require more involvement in sun rays and arranging these activities in the said time will make the participants freed from exhaustion. Water dispensers are required to be placed visibly at multiple spots in and around the hotel. The guests will be able to quench their thrust as and when required.

5.Online presentation should be taken care of

The hotels in Kolkata near Airport must make suitable arrangements so that their presence is appropriately recorded through online. It also requires that the hotels are sending appropriate summer vibes in their presentation. The website of the hotel must mention all the packages declared for summer season. The offers for summer should be blinking at the top of the page. It is again imperative that the websites and all the relevant details are constantly updated. Any change or amendment, however small, must be available in the website. The location of the hotel must be mentioned clearly and shown appropriately in the map.