Kalyani, a city and municipality in West Bengal, is located around 50 kilometres from Kolkata. It is a well-planned town and has various facilities such as underground sewage system, paved roads forming rectangular grids, tree-lined avenues and community parks. It is a nice place for a short trip and the beautiful scenery of the place will impress you. While visiting the tourist attractions of the place, if one feels hungry, there are a number of top restaurants in Kalyani to relish some good food. The restaurant in The Dolphin Palace hotel is a nice place where you can step in for some snacks or a full meal. It is a fully air-conditioned multi-cuisine restaurant in Kalyani. All the food items are prepared by expert chefs maintaining strict hygienic standards. Here various delicious food items such as chicken sandwich, mutton curry, tandoori chicken, fish fry, mix fried rice, chilli chicken, chicken biriyani, etc. are available. The interior is very eye-catching and the environment is peaceful and comfortable. It is the perfect place to spend a few hours with family and friends over good quality food.


Item Name Price
Black Tea 30.00
Milk Tea 45.00
Butter Toast (4 pcs) 75.00
Egg Toast (2 pcs) 55.00
Omelette (2 pcs) 45.00
Chicken Sandwich (2 pcs) 100.00


Item Name Price
Steamed Rice 30.00
Moong Dal 35.00
Katla Fish (1 pcs) 50.00
Egg Curry (2 pcs) 40.00
Chicken Curry (4 pcs) 80.00
Mutton Curry (4 pcs) 200.00


Item Name Price
Chicken Pakora (8 pcs) 120.00
Tandoori Chicken (Full) 350.00
Tandoori Chicken (Half) 250.00
Chicken lollipop (8 pcs) 150.00
Fish Fry 60.00
Chicken Momo (8 pcs) 120.00


Item Name Price
Veg Fried Rice 60.00
Mix Fried Rice 100.00
Chilly Chicken (8 pcs) 120.00
Chicken Curry (4 pcs) 100.00
Mutton Curry (4 pcs) 200.00
Chicken Biriyani 120.00