As a hotelier, guest satisfaction is the most important thing for your business. It keeps your property ahead of the competition by driving rate, filling rooms and improving rankings. But it is not always to keep guest satisfaction center stage with conflicting priorities. The following are 6 simple ways to improve guest satisfaction which are often followed in the best hotel:

1. Simplify the booking process

During the booking process, a big part of guest satisfaction is established. For design and customer service, your user interface should be optimized. Think about factors like the tone you are trying to communicate and the number of steps in your booking process to create a smooth and seamless booking process.

2. Be part of the customer journey

In your toolbox, email marketing is the only toolbox that enables you to connect with your guest throughout the entire customer journey. To enhance their stay, automate pre-arrival emails with upsells. Make their first moments memorable by delivering on-property welcome emails. When they are leaving the hotel at the end of their stay, thank them for their stay and invite them to come back and book directly.

3. Personalize the customer journey

Make sure the messages you send the guests feel personal. This is the most important element in communicating with them. When it will be clear to your guests that you have taken the time to know them and treat them as individuals, they will respond well. Based on their age, how loyal they are as guests, where they are from, when they like to stay, packages they like to book, etc. try to send personalized emails to guests. Guest satisfaction will increase when you personalize the guest journey and this ultimately leads to loyal guests.

4. Focus on collecting guest feedback

Your guests should be given many opportunities to provide feedback. You can continue to improve the service and experience you provide if you listen to what they have to say.

5. Use negative reviews to your advantage

How you respond, especially to negative reviews, is a crucial part of guest feedback. It is more important to respond in a thoughtful and timely manner than defending your hotel. Matters will only get worse if you ignore, delay or negatively respond to guest feedback. With appropriate ways to respond and incentivize teams to make guest satisfaction a priority, hotel managers should pave the way. To those giving negative reviews, apologize and offer solutions. You must not also forget to thank promoters for their kind feedback.

6. Grow your social media presence

You cannot ignore the influence of social media on guest satisfaction. On social media, guests are continuously sharing their experiences and they expect a speedy response when they have a complaint.