In the hospitality industry, hotel front desk agents are the first line of customer support. They ensure the guest has everything for a comfortable stay beside greeting customers, assigning rooms, scheduling meeting halls, accepting payment and allotting room keys. Hotel record keeping has evolved from paper-based systems to complex computerized technology over the years. While delivering a seamless guest experience, it is continuing forward to help hotels maximize profit.


Different check-in duties ranging from room availability and reservations to inventory, pricing and guest data capture can be performed by the agent with the help of computerized front desk technology. The guest’s billing is integrated with phone accounting, in-room entertainment costs and point of sale purchases on checkout. To facilitate efficiency and minimize wait time, front desk technology provides the agents with real-time information.

In-room technology

Most people use many electronic devices and they also carry them while traveling. Reliable and wireless internet connectivity ranks at the top of the list for customer needs. iPads or smartphones are provided by some luxury hotels to the customers during their stay. To access room service options via an e-dining internet site the hotel’s web application can be accessed by the guests. An interactive service that finds nearby restaurants, transportation or shopping can also be used by them.


Hotel owners get the tools from hotel front desk technology to serve the guests most effectively and increase revenue. There are various benefits of this technology. Some of them are improved customer service, efficient internal operations and control over financial data. To fit the size of the establishment, there are hundreds of customized systems. Basic check-in and checkout technology may be chosen by smaller hotels, motels or bed and breakfasts. Large hotels may use this technology for various purposes. They are maintaining reports, integrated online reservation booking, personnel and inventory management and the complete guest, room and rate management.


There is a rapid evolution in technology and the future will be full automation of front desk. In several hotel chains, automatic check-in technology is already being implemented. The formality of arriving at the front desk can be eliminated by features like smartphone room entry. To reserve their room online, guests can use this technology. They receive a text message on the day of check-in with their room number linked to the guest’s preferred member card. They may enter their room after going to their hotel room by placing their smartphone near their door or by punching in a code. Facial recognition technology will be implemented by some hotels. The image of the guest is captured during check-in at the front desk and it is assigned to a room number. To enter the hotel room, the guest needs no key.