The way public views your property largely defines department scores. Low ratings and fewer bookings typically coincide with low scores. No hotelier will want this. To avoid this, you must ensure high hotel department scores. The following are 6 tips to increase your hotel department scores:

1. Embrace technology

There is a preference of many hoteliers to personalize the guest experience with face-to-face interaction. It is inefficient despite being a good practice. Investing in a right technology such as a reputation management solution is one of the best decisions you can make. All your guest feedback will be collected by this tool and it will also help you manage them in one place. This makes it easier to keep track of what guests say. You can give attention to negative feedback immediately as a good solution will come with an alert system. Before issues get worse, this is an easy way to tackle them. All hotels, including any luxury hotel, should embrace technology.

2. Streamline processes

Your staff, especially those of housekeeping and hotel maintenance, gets extremely efficient because of streamlining. To make sure they are up to par with the power of a mobile checklist system replace the need for your staff to constantly check everything. These checklists streamline the time it takes to assess room and amenity standards because your staff would submit updates in real time.

3. Send weekly newsletters to your staff to keep them informed

Always keep your staff informed. Regarding property news, events and important information your employees should know, automate weekly newsletters. It will be easier for your staff to do their jobs and create a better experience for your guests if your staff knows exactly what is happening at your hotel all the times.

4. Investing in training = investing in employees

Your employees should be provided with regular training. It will be better for your hotel if they know more about the best ways to perform their duties. You should train your staff in the overall hotel strategy besides doing departmental training so that you all work towards the same goals. It should be made sure that they know how to use relevant tools. Keep in mind that with your staff, memorable guest experience and customer service starts.

5. In guest satisfaction and department scores, involve your staff

Understanding the relationship between their job and your department scores would be helpful for your staff. This can help them recognize what they can do to help the hotel reach its goals. Other than this, what your guests are saying about the property, hotel rooms including deluxe room and the service should be known by your staff. This should be made a team effort. For properly responding to guest feedback, set clear policies and guest practices. To ensure your staff can coordinate and optimize the guest experience, involve them with guests and with each other.

6. Define the responsibilities of your staff, particularly your managers

Delegating roles is one of the best ways to take control of your department. You can’t oversee every single staff member even if you wanted to as you already have a lot on your plate. To your staff, especially managers and those who work in front-facing departments, assigning specific roles is very important. It should be known to everybody that whom to report to and whom to direct guests with pressing questions.