The Top 10 Amazing Travel Trends For 2018

Let us face this; everyone wants to travel to one place or other, individually or with groups of friends and family.

Travelling not only relaxes our body, mind and soul, but sometimes it also helps us in discovering new life goals.

While few places are always on our someday to travel list, there are places about which we might never have heard. The purpose of travelling also differs from person to person. Some people like to spend quality time with family and friends, some travel to rediscover themselves, some travel just for fun, while some are on a professional and purposeful journey. Travelers can plan a visit to Kolkata where one can find amazing hotel near Kalyani which is a great destination for food buffs. Here we present you top 10 amazing travel trends for 2018.

business travel

1. Mixing of leisure and business in travel

A combination of business travel along with some leisure time is always a win-win situation. If you are a foodie, you can spend your time stalking out the best restaurants, food carts and hole in dinner walls around the country. If you are a history lover, it means visiting museums and limitless historical sites. If you are a corporate, after whole day of work, it will be time to check out some quality pubs and bars or go to a spa to relax your mind and body. I mean what’s better if night have something more to offer after full day of work.


2. Experimental Travel

It is a new trend in tourism where visitors don not visit ordinary tourist attractions, but allow whim to guide them. It often involves elements of humor, chance and serendipity. There are a number of approaches to experimental tourism, like- Aerotourism, Alphatourism, Alternating Travel, Erortourism, sagittatourism etc. It is very popular among young couples as well as youngsters.

cultural travel

3. Cultural Travel

In this type of travel people focus more on experiencing life within a foreign culture, rather than from the outside as a visitor. Cultural travelers leave their home environment at home, bringing only themselves and a desire to become part of the culture they visit. Cultural travel goes much beyond cultural discovery; it involves a transformation in way of living. You can customize your vacation during festivals or cultural celebrations.


4. Women only Tours

Women only tours are getting more and more popular each year. This is because women travel differently them men do. It is because women love to cherish the freedom they are experiencing and immerse themselves in the new cultural trend. The feeling that this world is as much theirs as it is for men.


5. Luxury travels

Luxury is travel’s most overused declaration and sometimes can feel like a dirty word. But luxury doesn’t mean having solid marble suites or gold leaf interiors. It is the pursuit of something precious, rare, and most important, invested in emotional value. Owning specific, expensive products like the Hermes Kelly bag doesn’t mean as much anymore. Travel experiences—and posting about them—matter more.


6. Adventure travel

A very popular trend nowadays is adventure travel. People love to gain unique experiences in their life. They always like to push their limits in order to get something unusual and life altering. Adventure travel is for people who live their lives on the edge. There is a mixture of adrenaline rush and unknown risks, but that’s the most exciting part of adventure travel. People gain experiences which they can cherish their entire life. Proper planning and good knowledge of the destination can avoid unwanted risks. Don’t forget to take participation of local people before going for adventure.

7. Voluntourism

This type of travel combines both volunteering and tourism that allows you to work for the development of the society while exploring new country and culture. Many people find participating in volunteer work and tourism as a great way to get the best of both worlds. By participating in voluntourism, one can contribute a lot to the local economy as well as improve the lives of people living there.

hotel near Kalyani

8. Staycations

It is the type of vacation where the people return home each night (or most nights). While staying at home, individuals and family participate in leisure activities, returning to their own beds at night. They make local trips to tourist sites, horse riding, swimming venues or visiting museums. These are far less costly than a vacation involving travel. They do not have stress associated with them like jet lag, packing, long drives, or waits at airports.

9. Fast Getaways

Sometimes the best trips are last-minute getaways. Look out your calendar for a long weekend. You can grab a last minute flight or hop in the car and spend a memorable weekend with your family and friends. You’ll be enjoying more time on your last-minute vacation and less time on getting there. Lookout for exotic destinations locally and enjoy your time there.


10. Event Travel

This includes travelling to a particular destination for attending events like marriage ceremony or a rock concert or to join a limited period yoga course. You can simply attend the event and return back or else you can combine this with other types of travelling like business travel or adventure. These travel plans are not very flexible in nature as they have fixed departure and arrival dates.

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