We have come a long way in the use of mobile phones. Just 15 years ago, the primary functions of mobile phones were in making phone calls, SMS, and playing a handful of basic games (Snake in Nokia being the most popular). But today, smartphones have become an inseparable part of our lives. They are used to answer emails, do shopping and online hotel booking, keep a track of our health and navigate the world. If we go by the recent trends, we can easily come to the conclusion that smartphones are here to stay.
Just ask any of the youngsters around you these days- what do they need the most, food or smartphone? To surprise, majority will go with their smartphones. You can now purchase various items using your phone with wide range of payment methods like PayPal, Debit Cards, Net Banking, Credit cards, etc.
One such area in which mobile phone is witnessing new uses with each passing day is the travel sector. Now, that the summer season is about to be over and with the onset of monsoon, the travel season kick starts in India. So, here are 6 apps that will make your travel both easier and cheaper.

1. Google Translate

What could be better than to start with the world’s biggest technology giant, Google. It could have been Maps (afterall they come handy for most travelers) but we decided to go with Translate as our Google pick instead.
With the help of this app, travelers can translate in between 103 different languages by providing through typing, voice, or camera (about 30 languages can be translated through photo). You can significantly save your time by adding certain translation to your favorites so that you can pull them out when you need them. And even if you are not travelling any international destinations, you can download about 50 of these languages to be used for off-line translations.

2. Detour

Produce some engaging audio tales was the demand of the producers of Detour from journalists and film-makers and the result is this wonderful app. Just plug in a pair of headphones and get ready to learn about landmarks from all over the world including the likes of Paris, Berlin, San Francisco, Barcelona, London, Marrakech, Austin and NYC.
It doesn’t matter if you are a local or a tourist, these immersive 10- hour long walks are sure to mesmerize you along with teaching you a lot about these places. You can explore anywhere you want without the need for a personal guide. All you need to do is to sync your audio with a group and get pointed in the right direction using your GPS location tracking.

3. Seatsplanet

This application had a rather strange starting. It started its journey as an effective car pooling app which was reliable, efficient and profitable. It managed to garner attention of the users in no time. If one does a close study of this application, they can get a clear idea about the unique concept on which this app is based.
It’s easy to use interface allows users to surf through all available rides, reservations, and keep a real-time eye on it. This app provides detail like car make and made, occupancy, amenities, and driver ratings.

4. Overnight

The success of AirBnB has seen a lot of companies walking its way. One such app is Overnight that connects travelers with local hosts. But it differs from AirBnB in the fact that it’s built for same-day stays, which makes it an instant hit among road trippers looking for a bargain bunk.
The concept of AirBnB is no more a secret and that is reflected in the prices of both. Although, there is no denial in the fact that there are still good deals out there but increase in competition has adversely affected pocket of travelers.
Thank God, not much people know about this app, so, let’s keep it a secret!

5. Skyscanner

This app collects data from every major airlines and uses it to select itineraries based on shortest layover, optimal departure times, and best price. This app is especially useful on international flights as it can at times find you flights that are cheaper by 100 Euros or more.
The best use of this app would be to let it lead you to a holiday destination and not the other way around. Keep an open mind while selecting your dates and destination and you’ll definitely find a bargain. But if you log on with dedicated mind on where and when to go and you will fall prey to the prices on offer.

6. WiFi Map

What’s the point in carrying a smartphone that is of no use for you abroad? Here, comes the Wifi Map which allows you to find the wireless hotspot connections that are closest to you in the city you’re in. It automatically categorizes them into ones that are free and the ones that are not.
Never use free networks to share your much sensitive information like Ids, passwords, banking details or any other confidential work on your laptop as they are less secure and there are chances in which your data can be misused. But if you are in search for hotels in Kalyani to stay or view reviews on TripAdvisor, it’s fine.
There is no denying the fact that smartphones have changed our world in an irreversible manner. Most of the youngsters have long submitted before mobile phones. This is clear from the fact that nearly 75% of the millennials now own a smartphone. It is not anymore possible to engage with the younger generation without updating to the latest techniques. Travelling without phone is not an option anymore.