It is a fact that more and more travelers are going for online deals as is the case with most of the products these days. But, what things are people looking for? Is it best price or best value? And how do guests make an estimation of value?
Well, for most of the guests, the value of a hotel is based on these three factors:
  • Time taken to and from the hotel

  • Money saved through the hotel

  • Experience gained

There are a lot of ways to make sure that while your guests stay in the hotel premises, they get to see the value of hotel that is quantifiable. You must also take care that they gain wonderful experiences with you which will make them go for your services again and again. Happy guests also enhance your social media presence by posting good reviews about your hotel and its services. You can also go for hotel management courses in Kolkata that teach you various aspects of managing hotels and guests.
Today, we present to 5 simple ways that you can show to your customers and elevate guest experiences.
1. Loyalty Programs: Loyalty programs are a good way to go beyond the norm and show your customers how much you appreciate their coming and staying. You can select a group of frequent visitors and provide them things like expedited check-ins, complimentary upgrades and information that contains special offers to show them that you want to continue providing them service.
2. Be Inclusive: It requires something more than just four walls and a bed to give your customers that extra reason to choose your services time and again over the other hotel down the road. These incentives can be simple and small like an offer for breakfast or free parking.
Leisure travelers are hard to catch because hotel room is not just the only thing they are looking for. You can attract them by providing those surprises like free passes to the local museum or other attractions.
For honeymoon couples, you can serve exotic things like strawberry and champagne on their arrival sets the tone for an amazing experience that your guests are expecting.
You can add one or more of these inclusive packages depending upon your traveler’s profile to give them a little bit of extra value which will turn them into loyal customers.
3. Involve Yourself: Guests are really intimidated by the surprise welcome when the staff knows who they are and when they would show up. You can engage with them and open a channel for communication by sending them pre-arrival greeting messages from the front desk manager which says “looking forward to meeting you”.
This makes your guests feel appreciated and welcomed and puts a smile on their face. This type of personal gesture can overwhelm the guests and add a real value to their experience.
4. Keep them Happy: Not all but a lot of business travelers’ travel alone. Most of them do not get enough time for extra activities. While some like to hang out and spend time with others, there are others who have literally nothing to do after whole day of work.
Organizing happy hour and sending your guests invitation for a complimentary drink and snacks creates a feeling of community in them and also allows them to break the monotony of their business trip. Hosting such events gives your guests moments of enjoyment and can be the difference between a one-time customer and a loyal one.
5. Go that extra mile: Your guests aren’t really expecting any surprises from you, so giving them something that makes them feel welcome can ignite the thought in them that they are getting more than what they would have even expected.
Guests come to your hotel for experience. Whether it will be a good one or great one depends on the extra mile that you go to please them. Even smallest of things like complimentary bottles of water or a hand-written welcome note can make your guests feel welcome and can be part of a great experience for them by the end of their trip. These are small and simple things that add a little surprise & delight to your guest experience.