Without magical guest experience, the business of Hotels near Krishnanagar would come to a standstill. From the point of booking confirmation to arrival and up to the departure, the hotel is expected to stay alert in fulfilling all the needs of the guest.
Being in one of the most courteous professions, hoteliers are expected to express a commendable welcome to all the incoming guests. However, such welcome commences with the booking. There are some theories that are crucial to provide a guest with a memorable hotel stay experience.
Let us make a brief estimation of formalities that help a guest to have better experience while staying in a hotel:

1. Making the Booking an easy process

All the booking in Luxurious Hotels is currently done through online operation. Internet would display a list of hotel and amenities they offer and prices too. With availability of hotel websites listed on OTAs, meta search engines and GDs, a guest can easily find a hotel whose price matches the budget and amenities match expectations. It is now up to the hotel to develop an idea of the guest. The hotelier must know the purpose of visit -whether it is a business visit or a leisurely one. Based on that knowledge, they can be offered with a complimentary voucher for a casual sightseeing or rent-a-car that will be used for a long drive.This will help to enhance guest experience.

2. Pre-arrival emails

First impression continues to stay till last meeting. Hotel industry has made its stand on this perception. In order to make such impression more imposing, all the Hotels in Kalyani are welcoming guests with a pre-arrival mail. Besides welcoming, this mail will also incorporate a Google Map that will help the guests find the location of the hotel quite at ease. This will send a positive affirmation to the guest. Besides, a good instantaneous rapport will be established between the Guest Relationship Manager and the guest. Guests will also make a second thought before complaining about the services, if anything, arises during the period of stay.

3. Automated Check-in facilities for a better guest experience

Modern hoteliers have their own guest service portal or check in kiosk. This facility enables the guest to make the check-in all by him. Hotel guest portal facilitates the approval of check-in, have the guest registration card ready using the pre-filled information in their guest profile and guide them towards their room. This portal can also be used in making changes in reservation, building guest’s profile, in giving reviews, reservation management and render recreational and transport services of the hotel.

4. Implementing Smart In-room technology

Use of updated technology work in transforming the everyday objects around us into smart devices. These devices are able to interpret and interact with surroundings. Implementation of Smart In-room technology is done in Deluxe Rooms of hotels. There are voice control devices that help in recognizing voices. These machineries are available in the form of speaker that can control lights, belongings and room temperature. These machines help in making orders to room services a comfortable process and inevitably increase guest experience level.

5. Setting Chat Communication

Various mobile messengers like WhatsApp, Face book Messenger and Snap chat are gradually becoming dominant communication platform for users of all demographics. So, the organizations involved in hospitality business have started the use of this medium as an effective means of communication. The hotel-owners are tallying the facilities offered by various links and weighing the investments in a chat bot.