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Nowadays, a popular method of booking hotel rooms is an online hotel reservation system. By using an online reservation system, travelers can book rooms in a hotel from the comfort of their home. They can directly book the rooms from the website of hotels which have online reservation system like the best hotel in Kalyani or use several online travel agents for the comparison of prices and facilities of different hotels.
As there are a number of options available, deciding the online hotel reservation system which is suitable for your hotel is a difficult task. For this reason, you have to understand which features of an online hotel reservation system are essential. In order to understand the difference between the basic and essential features, you need to know the basic characteristics of an online hotel reservation system. There are a number of common features in most online hotel reservation systems. Some of them are simplified booking process, support for multiple languages and currencies, user-friendly interface and easy customizations.

Besides the basic features, you have to look for the essential features that will help in the increase of operation efficiency and growth of your hotel. The following are the top 5 essential features of an online hotel reservation system:

1. Powerful Reporting Options

To have data at your fingertips is very important. You can include everything related to your hotel if you have a robust cloud-based hotel reservation system which has the best-in-class reporting options.

2. Mobile App

The modern age is the age of mobile revolution and it is here to stay. So, there is nothing surprising in the fact that to make bookings, using their smartphones is preferred by more and more guests. To stay relevant in the market, it is inevitable to adapt to the needs of the generation with changing times and so a mobile app is necessary for online hotel reservation system. For proper running of their business, some well-known hotels in Kalyani utilize the facility of mobile apps.

3. Channel Manager

You will get a lot of benefits if your online hotel reservation system is linked to a channel manager. In real-time update of inventory and rates across several OTAs, the two-way connectivity between your HRS and the CM helps a lot. For both hoteliers and guests, this is surely a boon. The hotelier gets rid of overbooking hassles, saves time and witnesses improved staff efficiency. On the other hand, the facility of real-time updates on availability of rooms is available for the guests and also the facility of online room booking. Say, for example, you can book a deluxe room in Kalyani from anywhere online. The meaning of this is the guests would not have to worry that after arriving at the hotel, they don’t have to face the problem that the room was not theirs after all.

4. Guest Review Management

You have to listen to the guests of the hotel because they are your customers and in any business, the customer is god. Other than that, you have to ask for feedback from your guests by interacting with them because that is a major key to your success. You must also deal with the reviews on an emergency basis and with utmost sincerity. It should not be the case that you only listen to the reviews and take no action. You can easily reach out to your guests with the help of a good online hotel reservation system and interact with them and can earn their loyalty in this way. You can get the reviews of all the guests at one place and can respond to them. The management of the best hotel in Kalyani always gives importance to guest review and this plays a vital role in its success.

5. One-view Dashboard

The online hotel reservation system that simplifies your world is the best one. With as little navigation as possible, you should get all the necessary information from the system. It should be sufficient for you to understand a lot of things like the number of reservations for a day, the number of guests who checked in, how many are yet to check-in and the number of rooms still available by only viewing the management dashboard. This saves you a lot of time and energy.