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Have the reason behind getting more bookings from the OTAs ever come into your mind? Have you ever thought about the fact that despite hoteliers spending on marketing and SEO activities why the average online hotel booking engine conversion rate stands very low? The answer is not hard to guess. The potential bookers get from the OTAs all the relevant information they need while making a reservation. The meaning of this is lookers are not converted into bookers by your website. Therefore, a plan must be made by you to solve this issue. You must optimize the capabilities of your website.
The following are 4 hacks to get more hotel reservation from your booking engine:

1. Have a highly responsive website with an integrated web booking engine

As the fact that very few people make reservations through the hotel website is known to you, having a website that has all the information a potential guest would look for must be your goal. The real-time visibility of room availability and rates on your website must be ensured by you. A major role in this effort is played by the descriptions and images of your hotel. You must also ensure that all the pages of your website should take as little time as possible to load.
Your website visitors must also get a seamless booking experience. The booking process should not be a time-consuming affair for your visitors. While making the reservation, don’t compel them to fill out every minute detail. As today’s guests love to make hotel bookings through their smartphones, it is better to make your website mobile friendly. Your guest should get an instant confirmation upon completing the booking.

2. Implement multi-language and multi-currency features

Your potential guest should be allowed to read your website content and know about you in their own language. At least for the customers of your targeted countries, you should do that. The room rates and other such details should be in their currencies. By this, you can get an edge over your direct competitors as this will broaden your market reach and instill confidence in your potential guests.

3. Implement virtual tour and promote guest reviews

Your website visitors should be allowed to take a virtual tour of your property. When they are on your website, it can be done. If they get to explore your property even before their arrival, it would work well for you. To attract and influence the booking decision of potential guests, you must promote positive guest reviews.

4. Offer the guaranteed best rate

You should offer the guaranteed best rate which should be in parity across all your other distributor channels. It should also be ensured by you that the rates you offer on your website are competitive enough against your competitor hotels. In addition, you must offer early-bird bookers an advance purchase rate to attract them. You should also implement a secured online payment processing gateway so that their credit card details would remain safe and they should be informed about it.