Hotel marketing automation gives you the much-needed edge over competition that you need in order to connect with the guests by targeting the right information at the right time to them. Using marketing automation tools, you can create your campaigns, landing pages, social media profiles and much more at the same place. This content can be pushed across multiple online channels to get maximum audience reach. In addition to this, you can also measure the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns. You can find out what’s working for you and what is not. A well-devised marketing automation strategy at disposal helps in increasing conversion at your property.
A survey carried out by Marketo on Marketing Automation reveals that nearly 91% of users feel that marketing automation is crucial to their overall marketing strategy.
Here are a few more points on how marketing automation can help your hotel in Kalyani.
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1) Gives you precious guest data
Guests search for information that is quick, accessible and relevant. With the use of various tools and technologies, you can collect and centralize all this data to know the guest’s preferences. Once you are aware of what your guest wants, you can easily send those personalized messages and offers.
2) Streamline your hotel operations
Marketing automation helps your hotel to work faster, smarter and take well-informed decisions. Technology has made it easy to automate tasks with higher precision. It also helps you to retarget your online customers and enhance the presence of online travel agents.
3) Generates leads
You can run campaigns that specifically focus on lead generation to improve your conversions.
4) Detailed reports
Marketing automation generates detailed reports that can help you measure performance of emails, ROI and provide enough data to devise better strategies.
5) Experiment and Create
Always use a single tool for all your emails and landing pages. This will help you in improving CTAs, lead generation, market segmentation, relationship marketing, cross-sell and upsell, retention and marketing ROI measurement.
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Here are some points worth knowing before you start using such technologies-

1) Track your guest behavior
Marketing automation allows you to collect and analyze data about guest behavior. You can keep a track of how potential customers interact with your hotel and act as a source of lead generation. Always focus on building relationship with clients by using software to send out personalized messages. This means that whatever your customer will see will be completely tailored as per their requirements. You can also track user activities such as- were they looking for hotel options, booking rooms and more. This gives hotels an idea about customer requirements and helps them design the content to keep communications relevant.
2) Know the different types of guests
With the help of marketing automation software, you can categorize your guests in to different segments like leisure and business. This helps you design your marketing campaigns and deals accordingly. Automation provides you accurate analytics by collecting data from purchase history, email link clicks, inputs on social media and more.
3) Automate your email campaigns
Email marketing automation must be a part of your digital marketing strategy as it saves ample amount of time. You can use automation to send out repeated emails. Automated communication is the most economical way to remain in touch with your guests. You must optimize your emails for mobile platforms and email marketing automation just makes this process much easier.
For example- emails to guest before arrival, welcome emails, and weekly newsletters can all be automated.
4) Collect guest reviews
An automated system can easily remain in touch with checked out guests via emails and prompt them to write reviews on your hotel which saves a lot of time, too. In addition, it also helps you enhance your hotel’s online reputation.
Thus, the power of automation can give you invaluable insights into your customer’s behavior and helps you remain in touch with them before, after and during stay in your hotel. Automation brings improvement to your business process in the long run.
Automation makes vital metrics available to tweak your email campaigns and messaging. This increases your conversion rates and you witness a growth in your online hotel booking.